Corporate purpose

As a cooperative, our aim is to act in the interests of our owners and to earn a competitive price for milk. This is crucial for us to remain independent and to safeguard our jobs.

Target orientation

All departments work in accordance with the set targets, with regular checks on target achievement.

Ethics and sustainability

We respect human and employment rights. Our business practices are based on integrity, honest and fairness. Strict compliance with statutory provisions is something we take as a matter of course. Our company works according to the principle of equality and is opposed to all kinds of discrimination. We take a resolute stance against any form of corruption. The aspiration behind all we do focuses on sustainability. The principles of our company management and the way we do business are based on the three economic, social and ecological pillars of sustainability, all of which permeate equally into all areas. Economic success, proactive environmental protection and social competence are for us the key factors for responsible business.

Focus on customers

Our customers and their requirements are at the heart of all we do. We supply our customers with a top quality product, and work together with them as partners in dialogue to find the right solutions.

Focus on quality, food safety and risk mitigation

We want to produce top quality, safe food/feedstuffs with a sustainable approach. We therefore apply strict quality and hygiene standards to the entire production process. We want to produce safe products and prevent risks. We therefore undertake to heed all statutory framework conditions.

Focus on the workforce

We really appreciate our employees. We motivate and encourage them, but have great expectations of them as well. Every single employee is important to us - just as every one of his or her individual tasks. We share responsibility for achieving our corporate goals. We set great store by cooperative behaviour and collective togetherness shaped by esteem, respect and equal opportunities. We respect the right to belong to trade unions and worker organisations. Our senior executives work according to the open-doors principle: they are always available to deal with any questions, suggestions, criticisms or problems from and for their staff.

Energy policy

Our aim is not to increase the total energy demand in the next 3 years (2015 to 2017) despite increasing production volumes. This is based on the valid statutory requirements and other energy-relevant obligations. We support the acquisition of energy-efficient products and services where economically viable. We undertake to constantly improve the energy-related output. We provide the necessary resources and information.

Environment policy.

We are committed to efficient, eco-friendly manufacturing methods on all levels of production. This includes minimising waste volumes and reducing emissions. We support the optimisation of agricultural production systems to protect the environment and gladly make a contribution to improving the social and economic status of our owners.

Wiefelstede, December 2015