We're from the North German Plains, and they're as flat as a pancake. But it does give you wide horizons. So we're farsighted by nature – as over 125 years of success prove:


1885: Seven farmers form one of North Germany's first dairy cooperatives in Rastede.


1948: Numerous Ammerland dairies move into cheese production – with great success.


1956: The launch of the so-called "Green Plans" boosts the modernisation process in German agriculture and numerous technical innovations are introduced in Ammerland dairies and on our suppliers' farms.


1965: Milk tankers are commonplace at Ammerland dairies.


1989: The cooperative Milchwerke Ammerland-Oldenburg eG is set up.


1990: Work starts on the new main dairy for Ammerland-Oldenburg eG in Dringenburg district of Wiefelstede, and the new production plant for cheese and liquid whey concentrates opens a year later.


1994: Ammerland-Oldenburg eG is one of the first dairies to be certified to the international quality standard ISO 9002.


2000: Ammerland-Oldenburg eG changes its name to Molkerei Ammerland eG (Ammerland Dairy).


2001: Ammerland Dairy launches Ammerländer, its own brand of dairy products.


2003: Ammerland Dairy sets up its own sales and marketing organisation; ever since, all the cheese products have been marketed or sold to the trade under the new brand name.


2008: Ammerland Dairy products are sold to over 50 countries on five continents and more than 40% of production is exported.


2009: A total of 1 billion litres is delivered to the dairy by our farmers.


2010: Ammerland Dairy celebrates its 125th anniversary.


2014: New high-rack-warehouse, capacity up to 25,000 pallets / expansion powder production

2015: Start UHT-Milk production / expansion warehouse Oldenburg

2017: Start new cheese dairy IV - fully automatic and hygienic cheese production