Corporate GOAL

As cooperative dairy it is our goal to keep our farmers’ objectives in mind
and to generate a competitive milk price. Staying independent and securing
our jobs depends on that.

Target orientation

We are working towards targets in all our departments and regularly check
on our performance.

Ethics and sustainability

We value human rights and labor laws. Our business practice is based on
integrity, honesty and fair conduct.
We always strictly comply with all legal requirements.
We apply an equal opportunities policy and object to any discrimination.
We oppose any form of corruption. Our sustainability policy is our guideline
for all our activities. Our management and our operations are based
on the three pillars of sustainability, “Economic”, “Social” and “Environment”,
and these pillars are visible everywhere.
Economic success, keeping future environmental protection in mind and
social competences are key to our responsible operations.

customer orientation

Our customers and their needs are at the center of our operations. Our
customers get high quality products and we always work towards solutions
and communicate with each other as partners.

Quality, Food Safety- and Risk Orientation

We produce sustainable and safe high quality food and feed products.
To ensure this, we have very strict quality- and hygiene rules in all our production
processes to prevent risks and are strongly committed to complying
with all legal requirements.

Employee Orientation

We value our employees. We motivate and promote, but at the same time
expect commitment from our employees. Every single person – and their
respective responsibilities – counts.
We are mutually responsible for reaching our corporate goals. We
encourage behavior that is treating everyone with dignity and respect
and provides equal opportunities for everyone.
We facilitate membership in sta councils and employee representative
meetings. Our management follows an open door policy: Employees are
encouraged to share questions, suggestions, critical comments or problems.

Energy policy

It is our goal to increase the energy e ciency for our production of milk
products in the next three years (2018 to 2020) by 5%.
The bases for this goal are current legal requirements and other
energy-relevant commitments. We support purchasing energy e cient
products and services to continuously improve energy related output,
as long as this is also economically e cient.
All necessary resources and relevant information will be provided by us.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to an e cient production and careful handling of
resources at all steps of our production.
Part of that commitment is reducing waste and emissions.
We support optimizing all agricultural production systems to protect our
environment and thus contribute to improving the social and economic
position of our cooperative farmers.